5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mothers this Mothers Day

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  • 18 May, 2017

Mothers are our first source of love and nurturing in this world. They teach us our first basic skills and they always have our back. Join us as we honour the mothers of the nation in time for Mothers Day. Here are 5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mothers.

Mums are an unbelievable source of energy, inspiration and motivation. Often their presence, their listening ears and unseen helping hands fly under the radar. We seem to forget that other than our own petty dramas and rants our mums are living, breathing people and women with their own set of challenges and circumstances. Mothers Day - Whether commercially-driven or not as this time of year rolls around, we get to stop and smell the roses and reflect on all those wonderful reasons to be grateful for our mothers.

When is Mothers day?

For those who wish to know, Mothers day normally occurs on the second Sunday of every May on a yearly basis.

The origins of Mothers day

There are many varied stories about the origins of Mothers day. A popular theory being that it initially emerged from a celebration of Greek maternal deities. Another theory is that it stems from a celebration called Mothering Sunday which occurred as a celebration of the church as a symbolic mothering figure.

One of the most recognisable people to lay claim to being the originator of Mother's Day is Ann Reeves Jarvis. She was a social activist, closely affiliated to the church. One of her greatest passions was for women and especially mothers to band together in the name of peace. As a result she became the founder of Mothers Day Work Clubs.

5 Reasons to be Grateful for Mothers

"Mother's love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved."- Erich Fromm

1. Mothers provide the early nurturing and care that we need

Lets face it, we wouldnt have gotten very far in our lives if we hadnt received some early conditioning on the basics of life. Somebody had to teach us how to use a spoon, how to tie our shoelaces and lets be honest even how to go to the bathroom. In most situations mothers provide the earliest nurturing and care that we need even just for basic survival.

2. Their Perspective and Wisdom guides us

As we grow, we realise that our mothers have been on this planet an infinite number of years longer than we realise. Whether we are sobbing about a scraped knee, a failed grade or a broken heart, mothers seem to have just the right words to help us get back on our feet again. They also seem to have an innate ability to show us how to be more compassionate.

3. They are always looking out for our best interests

When they are not keeping us in line, mothers have that uncanny skill of getting in our corner and really being our champions. They are there for us when we are deciding what to study, or giving us that little snack when we burn the midnight oil. Even if somebody out there in the world steps on our toes they are not afraid to get in there to fight our battles or help us find ways to build self-confidence.

4. Being proud of your every achievement

There isn't a trophy too small or a certificate that they wouldnt place up on the wall. Mothers have an uncanny way of boasting about our achievements, great or small to anyone who will listen. Broadly speaking mothers are our first champions and cheerleaders both inside and outside of home. Even as we grow older mothers encourage us to upskill and learn how to start a business. If you are looking for a way to show your gratitude or gift ideas for Mother's Day it would be nice to give the gift of education to the special lady in your life and help her become the ultimate female entrepreneur.

5. Giving us a dose of reality whenever needed

Mums definitely are the most nurturing, giving and heroic people under the sun, but guess what? They can also give you a sobering dose of reality when you really need it. Sometimes we are not aware of our own nonsense and neuroses. Our partners, significant others and co-workers may roll their eyes and look the other way, but in all honesty a mother would be the first person to tell you when your life has become something of a runaway train.

Whoever you are and whatever your relationship with your mother may be, Mothers day provides us with the perfect opportunity to stop and reflect on the contribution that nurturing women have made to our lives. In some cases our mothers may not be biological or they may be late. In some instances our mother figures may even be a friend or a colleague. In whichever shape or form they come, Mothers day gives us the opportunity to celebrate one the most dynamic figures in society.

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  • By Webmaster
  • 18 May, 2017
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