7 Important Business Skills you need to Succeed

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  • 18 May, 2017

The business world can be a cut-throat environment. No matter which business path youre on, one thing is clear. You will need certain business skills in place if you are to grow and thrive in any working environment. Some of these skills require your knowledge and expertise. Others are soft skills and communication tricks that will help you get ahead. Before you take a deep breath and feel helplessly overwhelmed, consider these skills that will help you to succeed in the business world.


1. The Ability to Focus and Filter

Being in the working world can make you feel as if youre in a whirlwind. There is a constant onslaught of deadlines and tasks that you will have to face. It is easy to get caught up in feelings of inadequacy and doubt. You will need to find ways in which to separate your emotions from the equation and not always get caught up in the noise of the world around you.


2. Business Communication Skills

It is easy enough to be a professional with abundant knowledge and skills. But truly nobody knows of your brilliance and the skills that you can bring to the table, if you are unable to use your communication skills. Whether you are a business owner or employed at a company, it is important to be engaging, smile at people, greet and connect with those that you work with. In meeting and office settings, be courteous to others, but also be clear about instructions and deliverables.


3. Goal-setting

In terms of business, goal-setting is a process that can begin at micro-level. Think about the diary that you have in your hand. In the most basic and practical way, this is a tool for you to plan and set achievable goals for the day ahead in order to ensure your success.

There are also macro-goals. Not just in terms of the business or company that you work for but also ones that you will need to set for your own world. Ask yourself:


What are the markers of achievement for myself in my working environment?

Where do I see myself five years from now?

What are my natural skills and abilities? 


By having the presence of mind to ask such questions, you will find that you are able to have greater line of sight of all of your career goals.


4. Emotional Intelligence as a Business Skill

Are you able to correctly read and interpret a situation? As a business owner are you able to tell when somebody is upset? Or maybe a person just needs a minute after they get back from lunch before you bombard them with the next request. For that matter even if you want time off from work, you will need to have enough good grace, tact and emotional intelligence to know how to ask your boss for vacation time.


5. Time Management

You may have the most brilliant ideas in the world, but in all honesty if you have poor time management skills and do not plan, you will not even come close to accomplishing those goals. It always helps to have an eagle-eye view of what you need to get done in a day. It is critical to plan in advance and make use of some of these tips in order to get ahead:

-  Have a notebook/diary for meetings and to jot down things that need to get done

-  Know and understand time allocations

-  Take the first thirty minutes of your day to make a record and plan your day

-  Block off time when you absolutely need to get things done without disturbance and get it done 


6. Adaptability

Things will not always work out the way you planned. In business there will be dips and dives and unexpected occurrences. You will have to learn how to remain centred and grounded while you go back to the drawing board. Adaptability means being able to face the thought of a challenging work day without anxiety. To have a career transition or even deal with a retrenchment without feeling as if your world will fall apart. Equally, this is also the technical age in which how we do business is changing. You may have to learn how to do business online or study a business management course to help you adapt to trends in industry.


7. Being able to see your own life as a Business

Even though you may work for somebody else or for a company you will also need to run your personal life with a level of business structure. You as an individual should not be without savings, financial and retrenchment planning, or without a roof over your head. In order for you to be a stable, contributing member of society and the workforce you will need a level of stability and that comes from adequate financial planning.  

We might think that different parts of our lives should function in compartments. Or that we need to divorce our professional lives from our personal lives. The truth is that we need to examine who we are holistically and see how best we can use our own acumen and abilities to get ahead in the business world. Success in business is yours for the taking. 


About the author 

Laeeka Khan

Media professional, senior writer and blogger at Educor Holdings. I blog about matters that relate to education and personal development. I am an out-of-the-box thinker, fascinated with perceptions of the minds eye, the power of imagination and creative learning. I am passionate about the human experience, and an avid believer in dialogue, breaking stereotypes, sharing information and the power of the arts. I also appreciate fine coffee and dark chocolate. Join me on this journey of knowledge and exploration.

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  • By Webmaster
  • 18 May, 2017
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