How you could benefit from Vocational Training?

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  • 30 March, 2017

I have always had the urge to build a career out of my natural skills and abilities. Its interesting that society has always given me the opposite idea. Go to school, go to college or university. Become a doctor, a lawyer and accountant make something of yourself, especially in the academic space.

Weve always heard that degrees, diplomas and Honours programmes hold value and prestige. We come to think of it as a sacred piece of paper that will open doors and give us jobs with salaries to match. Learning a craft or a trade was seen as a downgrade on a dream. Something reserved for those learners who couldnt make it in the academic stakes.

Boom! Welcome to the 21st Century. Times have definitely changed. With the greatest of respect for academic programmes and professionals, a new age has dawned for people who are vocationally-minded. Having a skill that you want to develop into a profession is now being seen as a gift. An inherent talent that is being lauded as the hallmark of an entrepreneur in the making!

With the world shifting into a new paradigm of thinking, the time is now ripe to make use of hands-on skills and abilities as a full-time, or even a moonlighting career. Gone are the days of the snobbery of what you know. It is what you can DO that actually counts.

What is Vocational Training? 

In a nutshell, vocational training is nothing more than the practical application of skills and abilities in a professional setting. It is learning a trade that you can apply in a business setting and it is fast becoming a popular choice because of the immediacy of its pace. With vocational training, you can receive training and enter into the industry much faster than from an academic programme.

Students who receive vocational training often receive an education that is far more niche-oriented because they are receiving it via industry professionals. These professionals are experts in their field and provide information that is relevant and valuable to current trends in industry.

Who could benefit from Vocational Training

There are a number of different people and personality types who benefit from vocational training. Some people have hands-on skills and abilities that they would like to develop into careers. Younger students who are still deciding on a career path will also benefit from shorter vocational courses. In this way they get to move in the direction of their career and build skills while deciding to take things further.

The Skills Development Potential of Vocational Training:  

People who are multi-talented and multi-skilled will truly benefit from vocational training. Many of us have a number of dreams that we would like to put to use in a practical career or business. Vocational training provides the bridge that will help us get to the next level.


Choose Vocational Training if you would like to:  

  • ➢ Hone a skill or craft that you love and want to develop further
  • ➢ Take control of your professional journey and even open up your own business.
  • ➢ If you are looking to breathe new life into your career
  • ➢ Move out of the lecture venue and classroom and closer to industry
  • ➢ If you want to be trained by professionals who have clout in the industry

Careers that you could pursue in the Vocational Training field 

Many people have heard the words vocational training but are not aware of what it is. If you find yourself grappling to understand what its about, here are some careers paths that you can pursue in the vocational field:

  • ➢ Engineering
  • ➢ Culinary Arts
  • ➢ Carpentry
  • ➢ Construction
  • ➢ Cosmetology 

If you feel that a vocational career is for you, the next step would be to enrol in a vocational course that will help further your career development in the chosen field.

Food for Thought:

  • ➢ Vocational training has the power to reduce unemployment rates and develop a more skilled workforce.
  • ➢ Vocational schools are equipped to assist you with real-world experience in a shorter period of time so that you hit the workforce ready for success.
  • ➢ In the South African landscape some of the key players in the vocational training arena are the SETA programme. Learn more about the SETA programme here

Vocational Training suits people who are:

  • ➢ Hands-on
  • ➢ Creative
  • ➢ Skills- oriented individuals
  • ➢ Business-minded people
  • ➢ Keen on making work-related progress

The type of people who have many goals in life suit vocational study perfectly. Do you have many goals in life? There is nothing wrong with that! In all honestly having multiple skills, should not be a cause for anxiety, but something to celebrate and develop (possibly with vocational training).

Check out this cool video about why some of us dont have one true calling:

Why some of us dont Have One True Calling | Emilie Wapnick | TEDxBend

What type of vocational training do you feel you could benefit from to enhance your career prospects?

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  • By Webmaster
  • 30 March, 2017
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