Radio personality realises his childhood dream with INTEC

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  • 4 August, 2017

By Nana Zuke 

Ever since he could remember, Brian Owies has always had a passion for media. He saw himself being that voice behind the radio that keeps people company. For Brian, if it wasnt going to be radio, it had to be television but one way or another his career would definitely be in media.

Now living his childhood of being a radio personality at Namakwaland radio, it is everything he hoped it would be and more. He loves waking up in the morning to once again do what he is most passionate about. Interacting with people on his show is a great reward.

For a music lover like me, working in radio definitely has its perks, said Brian.

He admits that he would not be where he is today had he not made the decision to study towards his dream. Balancing work and studies was a huge challenge but he patiently worked hard, never losing sight of what he wanted to become.

I remember when I was still in school, I was browsing through a magazine and I saw and INTEC add, I told myself I want to do a course with this college. I got in touch with them and quickly enrolled, said Brian.

Brian studied Introduction to Radio Broadcasting and Introduction to Television Operations. INTEC College was with him every step of the way, the support he received from the academic team made balancing studying and working easier.

I knew nothing about the radio broadcasting industry. But with the help of INTEC I learnt a lot, I still go through my radio broadcasting books, said Brian.

The biggest challenge for Brian currently is juggling his two jobs, one during the day and his four-hour slot at the radio station that starts from 21:00 to midnight every evening. His strong work ethic and passion are the attributes that keep him going. His long term goal for him is to be named among the counties most influential radio personalities.

I want to one day pass on my skills to young people who want to pursue a career in the media, particularly broadcasting,

An INTEC Creative School course will help get you in the field you desire and make your dreams come true. To find out more visit www.intec.edu.za  

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  • 4 August, 2017
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