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  • 4 August, 2017

INTECs Monica Kagan launches her new book titled The Dress

By Nana Zuke

Some people connect better with words, they are able to express their deep thoughts and imagination and even their creative side best when they put pen to paper.

Monica Kagan is passionate about words and books. She is always seeking to learn something new and go on an adventure wherever her books take her. Only this time round she is the one taking people on an adventure through her short story.

Her book titled The Dress is about a young woman called Sylvana, who is struggling to deal with her mother's death. She buys a second-hand Chanel dress, her late mother's favourite and embarks on a quest to find the owner of a ring that her tailor/psychic finds in the pocket. When she meets the owner, Sylvana makes an important decision regarding the dress.

I am passionate about manipulating words so that they sing, said Monica.

The idea of the book was inspired by an image of a blue fabric in a second hand shop. After she saw the blue fabric immediately an idea of the book popped into her mind. She was intrigued by the possibilities of the idea and the character of Sylvana and decided to write the story to see where it leads.

All the hours Monica put into writing and perfecting her craft payed off. Her work was published on one of the most respected and influential publishers called Fiction on the Web published her short story which is now available online.

The short story was published by prolific United Kingdom short story writer and screenwriter Charlie Fish. Some of his work has been made into short films. To Monica, writing is a journey of exploration and discovery. She is able to explore life, psychology and magic through her characters and stories.

I love it when I get an idea that excites me and I embark on an interesting journey, said Monica.

Monica, who is currently working for the Publishing Department at INTEC loves working with language and being involved in the educational field. Education is a journey that opens doors for people and she loves being a part of that journey.
When she is not writing, Monica enjoys conversations with friends over dinner and loves a good curry. She is always surrounded by books and enjoys reading mystery and fantasy novels, as well as short stories.
Im a book nerd and life fascinates me and I have a particular interest in psychology, said Monica.

INTEC encourages employees to explore avenues that help inspire greatness and creativity. To find out more visit www.intec.co.za

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  • By Support
  • 4 August, 2017
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