The value of HR professionals in corporate organisations

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  • 1 August, 2017

The role of human resource managers is to recruit suitable and qualified candidates for positions within an organisation. HR managers are responsible for building and developing company culture through operative recruitment.

With the change in times, companies are becoming more definitive in who would fit certain roles for specific agendas. This is exercised through their HR that manages the selection process and has more detailed requirements of what the company is looking for.

A qualification is not the only aspect an HR consultant may look at in the employment process other crucial qualities now come into play. A candidate may now need referrals, a portfolio to present or an online presence to qualify for specific job roles that serve the business strategy.  

What does the job of an HR manager entail?

HR managers are responsible for arranging employee building programmes that will empower employees to be more effective in what they do. These programmes can improve communication between employees and the business and build leadership and proficiency skills needed for the workplace.

The HR manager is also responsible for arranging employee benefit programmes that will retain the talent in the organisation. Employees are motivated to perform better when they are recognised and gain additional benefits through the work they do. HR managers also arrange payments and are required to review salaries. They are in charge of developing a compensation plan for employees together with management. This helps assess market-related salaries to make adjustments where necessary.  

Having HR Managers will increase professionalism within a business and set a structure that will attract and maintain the best employees.  

What do HR managers look for in a candidate?

HR professionals set up their list of required competencies from candidates based on the role of specified job and the overall company agenda. They are looking for two definitive aspects: Do you fit the role? Do you fit into the companys agenda or culture?

Here is a list of other important qualities HR managers may look for during an interview:

         Work experience and knowledge on the field

  • Personal values

  • Interest and hobbies

  • Do you fit in the company culture

  • How you handle crises

  • How you deal with conflict and difficult situations

  • Passion for the job and industry

  • Skills you have to offer

  • Strengths and Abilities

  • Long term potential

  • Your ambitions and goals

  • Your interest towards the company

As a candidate going for an interview, you will need to be aware of these elements to do well in the interview. It also is helpful to research interview questions to expect and answers to give to be fully prepared.

The impact of HR in corporate

When planning the strategy of a business it is vital to bring in HR facet into the planning. This positions the HR sector to be proactive and use effective tactics for employment. It empowers HR to make employment decisions that are meaningful. HR managers should see themselves as leaders that influence progress and change in an organisation.

When the company adjusts its direction, HR managers are there to ensure that employees understand what needs to be implemented through necessary employee training.

HR managers utilise their roles more effectively and contribute to company success when they are in leadership. The outcomes of placing HR in a powerful position will result in competency within an organisation and accountability for decisions.

The prospect in the Human Resource sector is positive as businesses and organisations will rely on the HR aspect of their business even more for success. There will always be room for growth in this career path and opportunities will always be accessible as the functions expand. If you are looking for a career path you can study towards a Human Resources qualification and explore the multiple opportunities that are offered.

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  • 1 August, 2017
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