Counselling Theory

Self-awareness, interpersonal skills and compassion are the foundations of the counselling relationship. Whether you wish to study counselling to improve your personal skills and your relationships, or enhance your career opportunities, INTEC College has the course for you.

Certificate: Basic Counselling Skills

The primary purpose of the qualification is to provide knowledge and skills qualifying individuals with the ability to integrate the theory and practice of counselling within a solid ethical framework. The Certificate: Basic Counselling Skills enables skills and competencies applicable to the use of counselling as part of the therapeutic process and the identification of common challenges in the counselling process. It also provides an understanding of a variety of counselling approaches and the ability to work with a variety of techniques. In addition, the programme will enable understanding of the social context in the counselling relationship.

Certificate: Methods Of Counselling

Ever-increasing issues that impact health, education, employment and ersonal relationships require specific techniques and counselling approaches to match clients needs. The Certificate: Methods of Counselling includes understand counselling as part of the therapeutic process. If you are good at listening and want to help clients understand their challenges, working with them to develop life improvement strategies, then this course could be right for you. The programme will support the relevant skills and competencies required to support the use of a variety of counselling approaches as part of the therapeutic process.

INTEC Basic Counselling Skills Certificate

This course supplies a detailed and structured approach to counselling. Core counselling terminology and skills guide you through the fundamental steps of this complex field of learning. You'll be expected to engage in reflection and self-examination to develop your people skills, and monitor your own counselling behaviour.

INTEC Counselling People in Trauma Short Course Certificate

This course introduces you to the trauma cycle. It will provide you with an understanding of the associated behaviours that victims of trauma experience.

INTEC Crisis Intervention Short Programme Certificate

This programme offers you the knowledge to identify and assist individuals who are in crisis, whether due to violence, illness, relationship breakdown or other related causes. It focuses on ways of developing effective crisis-intervention skills.

INTEC Family and Relationship Counselling Short Programme Certificate

This programme builds on the Basic Counselling Skills and Methods of Counselling Certificates. It focuses on skills and methods for counselling couples and families.

INTEC Grief Counselling Short Course Certificate

You will gain an understanding of the grief process and the impact that culture and personal history have on the interactions of people who are seeking grief counselling.

INTEC HIV/AIDS Education Guidance Certificate

A calming influence can provide comfort in the turmoil of life-changing events. In this course you will recognise the importance of resolving conflict in relationships with empathy and Professional Certificatecy. Learn how to identify the effects of risky behaviour, understand the various stages of HIV and AIDS, and learn how to cope with the impact on the personal lives of individuals, at home and in the workplace. You will also learn how to make a positive contribution to your community by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

INTEC Methods of Counselling Certificate

This course introduces you to a range of psychological theories, methods and practices in relation to counselling. Develop understanding and appreciation of the main approaches used in counselling. The course covers the theory of counselling within a solid ethical framework.
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