Microsoft Tracks

Microsoft Tracks

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics Certification (Exam 70-464 or 70-465 or 70-466 or 70-467)

During the course of your studies you will acquire a broad skill sets in SQL administration, building enterprise-scale data solutions, and leveraging business intelligence data - both on-premises and in cloud environments.

Microsoft Office - Access 2013 (Exam 77-424)

You will acquire computer literacy skills, using MS Access. The introductory section will cover structure, tables, and the design of a database and generation of reports. You will learn how to streamline and create flexible queries and custom reports, and how to print and share information with other applications. You will also learn how to restructure and write advanced queries.

Microsoft Office - Excel 2013 (Exam 77-420)

During the course of your studies, using the MS Excel application, you will learn how to input data onto a spreadsheet, do various calculations, and work with formulae in this environment. You will also learn how to create and modify charts, graphs and tables, and how to import and export data to other applications.

Microsoft Office - Outlook 2013 (Exam 77-423)

You will learn how to communicate with the corporate environment using MS Outlook as a communication tool. The introductory part guides you through the process of how to send and receive mail and teaches you how to compose, organise and manage mails. You will learn how to create a contact list and schedule meetings and appointments. You will also learn how to customise messages, track calendar, and assign tasks.

Microsoft Office - PowerPoint 2013 (Exam 77-422)

You will learn how to produce a PowerPoint presentation using MS PowerPoint. The introductory level of the course will teach you how to identify the components, create, format, add graphics, work with tables, add charts and deliver your PowerPoint presentation. Then you will learn how to add smart art graphics, special effects, and a slide show to your presentation.

Microsoft Office - Word 2013 (Exam 77-418)

In MS Word, the introductory level covers the following concepts: tools, features of Word, editing, modifying, and inserting special characters into a Word document. You will learn how to proofread and manipulate the appearance of a page while working in this application. The intermediate section will take you through the following concepts: how to manage, customise, and use styles and themes, work with graphic elements, templates and mail merge. In the last section you will work with other applications, and collaborate with other documents. Lastly, you will add references, and learn how to secure documents and create forms.

MTA: Database Administration Fundamentals (Exam 98-364)

During the course of your studies, you will gain valuable insight into the principles of core database concepts, such as how databases are stored in a table, and gain an understanding of DLL and DML. You will also learn how to create database objects, and in the process manipulate data and select it. Lastly you will learn how to store data and manage databases in an IT environment.

MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals (Exam 98-375)

During the course of your studies, you will acquire the skill of core programming, and concepts such as storage, data types and error handling. You will then move on to object oriented programming. You will gain an understanding of the principles of life cycle management, algorithms and data structures. By understanding web applications you will become familiar with the topics of web page development, hosting and web service. Lastly you will gain insight into desktop applications and database concepts.

MTA: Networking Fundamentals (Exam 98-366)

During the course of your, studies you will acquire fundamental knowledge of networking fundamentals, which include: understanding networking infrastructure such as LAN, WAN Wireless and topologies concepts. Also, you will develop an understanding of how switches, routers and media types work. You will learn about networking protocols such as the OSI model. Lastly, you will gain an understanding of how TCP/IP works and of IP addressing, such as version 4 and 6.
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