Psychology Theory

INTEC College's various courses in Psychology Theory will give you the insight into human behaviour you need to understand yourself and others better. You will become more confident in dealing with people and different situations, both socially and at work.

Certificate: Developmental Psychology

The primary purpose of the qualification is to provide learners with insight into childrens physical, emotional and intellectual development from conception through to adolescence. The programme focuses on study areas including prenatal development, the physical, cognitive, personality and social development in infancy, early and middle childhood and adolescence. It also examines the development of self-concept and gender identify. In addition, the programme investigates the impact of various factors on development and provides insight into the causes of child abuse and neglect.

Certificate: General Psychology

Careers in psychology are diverse and varied, with many different specialty areas to choose from. The primary purpose of the qualification is to provide knowledge of the general principles of psychology, thereby qualifying learners with the ability to have insight into human behaviour. The programme focuses on study areas including the functioning of the nervous system, the brain and endocrine system, sensory processes, states of consciousness, memory, theories of intelligence, development of language as well as the aspects of motivation and emotion. In addition, exposure to different theories of personality enables understanding of personalities and behavioural characteristics in human beings.

Certificate: Industrial Psychology

Industrial-organisational psychology focuses on workplace behaviour and is one of the fastest growing specialty areas in psychology. Industrial Psychologists perform a variety of functions, including hiring qualified employees, conducting tests, designing products, creating training courses and performing research on different aspects of the workplace. The primary purpose of the Certificate: Industrial Psychology qualification is to provide knowledge that qualifies learners with the ability to understand how human behaviour in the workplace affects the performance of a company, a department or a team.

Diploma: Psychology: General: Developmental & Industrial

The learning programme has three main focus areas including general principles of psychology, the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children and human behaviour in the workplace. The Diploma: Psychology: General: Developmental and Industrial discusses, outlines and describes the different psychological approaches to the study of behaviour and mental processes. In addition, aspects of social psychology such as racism, authoritarianism, gender inequalities, abuse and neglect are included in the programme. The skills and competencies gained also enable understanding of group dynamics and the management of organisational development and change through the use and application of psychological principles.

INTEC Principles of Developmental Psychology Short Programme Certificate

Discover the factors that affect us all in those crucial early developmental years when our personalities are formed. Learn how to create a healthy and stimulating environment for a child's development.

INTEC Principles of General Psychology Short Course Certificate

Discover the reasons why people are different... what causes us to become stressed and depressed... and how being part of society affects us as individuals. You'll be stimulated and absorbed by the easy-to-understand lessons and interesting assignments.

INTEC Principles of Industrial Psychology Short Programme Certificate

Explore industrial psychology theory and gain insight into human behaviour in the workplace. Understand the effects on the performance of a department, a team or a whole company. Gain insight into why organisations are structured in different ways; effective communications; stress in the workplace; factors causing change and why change is resisted.
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