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Enter the Wonderful World of Graphic Design

Do you see yourself as part of a creative team that can bring a companys product to life? Are you a creative, inspired individual? Are you a pictionary whizz who finds it easy to communicate a message visually? Have you always been someone who loves to make birthday cards or gifts for family and friends? If so, a career as a graphic designer may be just the path for you!

A Career in Developmental Psychology

Looking for a career which combines your love of children with your interest in human nature? If so, then a career in developmental psychology may be worth examining. This fascinating avenue looks at which factors play a role in shaping our personalities from an early age. It allows you to work closely with children and to be involved in developing their skills on a number of levels including their social, cognitive and behavioural skills. Read on for guidance from Quinton Meiring, career guidance counsellor from INTEC College.

The Exciting Field of Tourism Management

Tourism opportunities in South Africa are booming! International guests continue to flock to our coastlines and cities to experience a little local is lekker and the 2010 World Cup is certain to keep them coming well into the second decade of this millennium. If you have a love of travelling, passion for people and are a great ambassador for SA, tourism management is a worthwhile career option for you. So, how do you get involved in this hugely popular industry?

Getting Started as a Professional Make-Up Artist

Does the glamorous world of entertainment and show business excite you? Does nothing make you happier than a good make-over which transforms an ordinary person into a beautiful superstar? Are fashion and beauty two of your greatest loves? If so then a career as a professional make-up artist could be the ideal job for you! And with South Africas fashion, film and television industries booming there are plenty of opportunities for talented make-up artists on local shores.

The Stimulating World of Radio Broadcasting

Does the idea of working in radio appeal to you? Do you dream of being a part of this exciting, immediate and fast-paced medium which reaches more people than any other in South Africa? Do you have a silky smooth voice and passion for popular culture and music? Well, a great way to enter the world of radio is by taking a radio broadcasting course, read on to see if this career is for you.

Making Waves in Digital Sound Engineering

Do you dream of working in the entertainment and media world? Do you love experimenting with different types of music and sound bytes? Does creating the backdrop of sound for radio programmes, TV shows or functions interest you? Do you have a finely tuned ear which is sensitive to pitch and tone?

The Dynamic World of Events Coordination

Are you that creative person that people come to for ideas when theyre throwing a party? Do you have an active imagination? Are you well organised? Do you love the thrill of an event coming together just at the last minute? Do you enjoy working with people? Have you an eye for detail and vision? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, chances are you will be a great event coordinator!

The Important Role of a Human Resource Manager

Do you have exceptional people skills? Do you put others at ease? Are you diplomatic, understanding and empathetic? Do you have strong management and organisational skills? If so, then consider putting your talents to good use by working in Human Resources (HR).

Getting Started In Marketing Management

Do you love finding out what makes people tick? Are you charismatic and energetic? Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? And do you love to see a project through to fruition? Then, marketing management may be your calling. Offering an exciting mix of communications, sales, economics and product development, marketing gets to grips with what consumers want and finds ways to get it to them.

Get Your Small Business off the Ground

The Governments behind it. Banks, venture capitalists and the Innovation Fund are supporting it. South Africas homegrown entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth succeeded at it. Now it is your chance to get into it. Small Business Development.

Take the Law Into Your Hands as a Paralegal

The profession which made Erin Brokovich a household name, helped land Julia Roberts an Oscar and exposed a major contamination case which resulted in the largest settlement paid in US history could just be the career for you. If you aspire to make a difference like Erin did, read on for more.

Creating Beautiful Surroundings with Interior Decorating

Do you dream of decorating rooms with your artistic flair and stylish touch? Do you often find yourself beautifying your own home by rearranging its furniture or changing its colour scheme? If so, then a career as an interior decorator may be perfect for you.

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