Do I Have What it takes for a Career in Developmental Psychology?

Looking for a career which combines your love of children with your interest in human nature? If so, then a career in developmental psychology may be worth examining.

This fascinating avenue looks at which factors play a role in shaping our personalities from an early age. It allows you to work closely with children and to be involved in developing their skills on a number of levels including their social, cognitive and behavioural skills. Read on for guidance from Quinton Meiring, career guidance counsellor from INTEC College. 

Am I Suited To a Career In Developmental Psychology?

Answer all of the questions below. If you reply yes more often than no then you could have what it takes to be a successful developmental psychologist!

  1. Do you relate well to children? 
  2. Could you imagine working with children between the ages of three and six years? 
  3. Are you well-balanced and able to remain relatively unemotional in tough situations? 
  4. Are you analytical and compassionate? 
  5. Do you have a keen desire to teach children? 
  6. Do you have patience and an open, approachable personality? 
  7. Are you enthusiastic and tactful with a great sense of humour?

Describe a Typical Day as a Developmental Psychologist.

  • You will plan activities using a variety of materials and equipment to help children develop good coordination, social skills, creativity and self-expression. 
  • You will spend time promoting language development and self-confidence through story-telling, drama, music and discussions. 
  • You will help to organise and participate in excursions to enhance learning experiences. 
  • You will promote health and safety concepts and social interaction with other children. 
  • You will help children develop a healthy appreciation of the multicultural society in which we live. 
  • On occasion you will have to attend to sick children and those in need of first aid. 
  • You may even need to comfort children who are hurt or distressed. 
  • Parents may need to be consulted on certain aspects of their childs development. 
  • You will participate in community activities and parent/staff committees.

Which Prior Skills are Needed to Study Developmental Psychology?

It would be to your advantage to have good problem-solving skills, sound literacy and numeracy skills, a good knowledge of planning and sound organisational skills.

Where Can I Study Deveopmental Psychology?

INTEC College is one of the recommended South African institutions where you can study for a Certificate in Developmental Psychology. The distance learning course will allow you to study while you work. Perhaps you could even look into becoming an intern in the industry. This way you can gain valuable hands on experience while completing your studies!

Which Career Opportunities are Available on Completion of my Studies?

INTECs course is aimed at those already working in ECD (Early Childhood Development) who wish to upskill themselves or those who wish to begin a career at an ECD centre. People who want to start their own centre would also benefit greatly from the course.

Which Areas of Study will the Developmental Psychology Course Cover?

The Certificate in Developmental Psychology will open up a world of knowledge and covers areas such as:

  • The infant 
  • The pre-school child 
  • The school-age child 
  • The adolescent 
  • An Overview of Human Life and Growth

For more information or to enrol for this course now, click here.

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