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Do I Have What it Takes to Get Started in a Career as a Graphic Designer?

52% - ... whizz who finds it easy to communicate a message visually? Have you always been someone who loves to make birthday cards or gifts for family and friends? If so, a career as a Graphic Designer may be just the path for you! Quinton Meiring, INTEC Colleges guidance counsellor says if you answer yes ...
How Students can keep a Positive State of Mind for their Matric Results

52% - Awaiting matric results can be a stressful time for students all around the country. It is important that students keep a positive outlook during this time. As we all know, a matric certificate affords students with more educational and career opportunities. This is a defining moment that affects ...
Do I have what it takes to work in Radio Broadcasting?

51% - Does the idea of working in radio appeal to you? Do you dream of being a part of this exciting, immediate and fast-paced medium which reaches more people than any other in South Africa? Do you have a silky smooth voice and passion for popular culture and music? Well, a great way to enter the world ...
Take the Law Into Your Hands as a Paralegal

51% - The profession which made Erin Brokovich a household name, helped land Julia Roberts an Oscar and exposed a major contamination case which resulted in the largest settlement paid in US history could just be the career for you. If you aspire to make a difference like Erin did, read on for more. ...
Get Your Small Business off the Ground

51% - So to make sure you lay the foundations first time and avoid the pitfalls of many first time small business owners, consider enrolling for a small business management course to give you the groundwork you need to join the rest of SAs up-and-coming entrepreneurs! Are you an entrepreneur? Quinton ...
How a Matric Qualification will ignite your future Success

51% - Life is an obstacle course with lots of trials that you need to pass that will qualify you for each level. Obtaining a matric certificate in South Africa is one of the most vital steps to further your education or to enter the workplace. Nearly all institutions and work industries will need you to ...
Make 2018 the Year to Study through Distance Learning

51% - Many of us have study goals that we have been looking to pursue for a while now. If you are looking for a flexible study plan to suit your lifestyle, you will appreciate the option of distance learning. Studying via correspondence is a solution for many people who have aspirations to enrich their ...
Preparing your CV

50% - Guidelines when writing a CV: Compile a basic CV, which you update regularly or any time you obtain a new qualification or position When applying for a position, you can use your basic CV, but it is very important that you provide information relevant to the position you are applying for Your CV ...
Managing Stress

50% - Breathe deeply for several minutes. Remove yourself from the stressful situation: Give yourself a break if only for a few minutes. Prioritise: Try to prioritise a few truly important things and let the rest slide for now. Realistic goals: Set realistic goals for yourself. Reduce the number of ...
The Dynamic World of Events Coordination

50% - Are you that creative person that people come to for ideas when theyre throwing a party? Do you have an active imagination? Are you well organised? Do you love the thrill of an event coming together just at the last minute? Do you enjoy working with people? Have you an eye for detail and vision? ...
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