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Why study with us?

48% - Our Vision and Mission INTEC College strives to provide affordable, quality, career-oriented distance education and training, to facilitate lifelong learning for the development of learners and society. Our accreditation status INTEC College is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, the Council for ...
The Important Role of a Human Resource Manager

48% - Are you a real peoples person? Are you tactful and discrete when dealing with others? Do people naturally trust you? Do you have excellent organisational, analytical and decision-making skills? Are you interested in equal rights and justice in the workplace? Are you committed to growing the ...
Rewrite your Future in 2018

46% - Fortunately, for these students, there is a second option. Private educational institutions provide students with the option to achieve their National Senior Certificate through distance or face-to-face modes of study. These include institutions such ICESA, INTEC College and Damelin Correspondence ...

43% - The freedom to study at YOUR pace, where and when it suits YOU. The widest range of courses for todays world. Free consultations with INTECs career counselling and development specialists. Free study choice advice from INTECs Student Consultants. The convenience of online enrolment, contact and ...

39% - In the current political climate of fees must fall and the plea for free higher education, the discourses about university education are taking many forms. "Everyone should go to university it is our constitutional right," "vocational training is inferior to university education," "university ...
Build a Winning CV: Get More Success from your Job Applications

38% - Heres what you should consider when writing a winning CV for a potential employer: 1. Your CV should always be tailored towards the job youre applying for. Add information that will entice the employer to call you in for a meeting. In your description you should highlight your strengths for the ...
TVET Colleges a light at the end of the tunnel

37% - By Hasan Variawa Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande is confident that the problems of funding higher education for students that plagued 2015 and 2016 can be remedied. Nzimande in a press conference on the 26 th of January stated that he understood the frustration students ...
Study Methods

37% - A tried and tested method of studying or reading to memorise, which has worked successfully for a number of students, is the SQ3R technique: S Survey / Scan Q Question R Read R Recite R Review / Revise Survey/Scan Here the idea is to skim-read through the work you have to read/study. The ...
ICG Cape Town makes a move!

36% - It is also within easy reach of all main transport amenities, such as My City, Golden Arrow and Metro Rail making it the ideal hub for the distance student on the move. ICGs new home features an open-plan design with all-new furniture and a coffee shop for a relaxing stop. This move will bring ...
5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mothers this Mothers Day

36% - Join us as we honour the mothers of the nation in time for Mothers Day. Here are 5 Reasons to Be Grateful for Mothers. Mums are an unbelievable source of energy, inspiration and motivation. Often their presence, their listening ears and unseen helping hands fly under the radar. We seem to forget ...
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