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The value of HR professionals in corporate organisations

100% - HR managers are responsible for building and developing company culture through operative recruitment. With the change in times, companies are becoming more definitive in who would fit certain roles for specific agendas. This is exercised through their HR that manages the selection process and has ...
How to successfully turn your passion into a business

55% - Ensure that your business plan and strategy is in place Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will. Nelson Mandela There is nothing worse than having great business ideas and passion but not having a business idea that will materialise . It is important to consider how you are going ...
Website Terms & Conditions

53% - Kindly note that these terms and conditions may not be copied or used, in part or whole, without the express written permission of BUYS INCORPORATED ATTORNEYS, specialist in Internet and e-commerce law: (021) 461 7387. Website: This document is licensed to INTEC COLLEGE for use on ...

52% - This means that your course has an acceptable form of assessment that suits that specific field of study. In many cases, it means that you write exams. In some cases, you complete a portfolio of evidence. Thus, the form of assessment differs from course to course. Please see the course pages on ...
10 Quotes in Celebration of Madiba Magic

52% - It takes a person of large character and heart to look beyond hurt, problems and challenges to actually work with people in order to create solutions. What Nelson Mandela also shows us here is that when we actually roll up our sleeves, to work with our enemies and humanise them, we have no time ...
The Dynamic World of Events Coordination

49% - ... Do you love the thrill of an event coming together just at the last minute? Do you enjoy working with people? Have you an eye for detail and vision? If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, chances are you will be a great event coordinator! Event coordination in SA is becoming more ...
The Top 10 Best Companies to work for in SA

48% - Skills development is, therefore, the cornerstone of Group Fives vision and of its long-term view of sustainable growth as a business. Source: With an education qualification, you can attract positive outcomes for your career. You dream to work for the company that you ...
5 Soft Skills that will give you Professional Power

46% - Enrol in a mentorship programme Get in touch with the HR department in your workplace. Find out if there are any mentorship programmes in place that you can be a part of. Often, people in management positions have skills to impart and can offer their time, knowledge and services to those around ...
Do I have what it takes?

46% - Getting Started In Marketing Management Do you love finding out what makes people tick? Are you charismatic and energetic? Can you sell ice to an Eskimo? And do you love to see a project through to fruition? Then, marketing management may be your calling. Offering an exciting mix of ...
How Digital Capacity Fosters Business Success

46% - Although some parts of business might still maintain traditional practices, it is crucial for your business to go digital and invest in having technical skills. Digital proficiencies have given companies the freedom to improve their success in the industry. Having tech skills in business has ...
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