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5 Undeniable Signs you might need a Career Change

100% - Are you wearing a career mask and would you ever consider a career change? Would you choose your passion over a paycheque? Joy over what frustrates you? Well, it is not too late to define new career goals and to pursue a path that brings you happiness. Ever been in a job where you feel like youre ...
Top Tips to choose a Prosperous Career Path

82% - Most times after we have obtained a matric qualification, we are pressured into choosing a qualification that has promising career possibilities. This can lead to us make an uninformed decisions that we think we want, only to later learn that we want to go a completely different route. It is never ...
How to advance your Career and increase your Earning Potential

81% - This includes steps such as demonstrating your expertise, refining your skillset and preparing for opportunities. When you focus on achieving these goals, you will start qualifying for more opportunities. This will inspire you to cultivate the proficiencies and knowledge that the job market is ...
Opportunities available to Women in the Paralegal field

79% - When a student has acquired a paralegal qualification, they have a range of career paths they can venture into. Let's explore the opportunities in the paralegal field. Claims Adjuster Paralegal A paralegal graduate can operate as a claims adjuster mostly in the insurance business. They assist ...
The Top 10 Best Companies to work for in SA

78% - When you are kick-starting your career, you pretty much have your eye on the top companies in your field. You will have your reasons about why you are enthusiastic to work for these organisations. Primarily as a graduate, you will consider factors such as the companys influence in the industry, ...
Why study with us?

78% - Our Vision and Mission INTEC College strives to provide affordable, quality, career-oriented distance education and training, to facilitate lifelong learning for the development of learners and society. Our accreditation status INTEC College is provisionally accredited by Umalusi, the Council for ...
Make 2018 the Year to Study through Distance Learning

78% - ... at the same time You get to save money due to affordability The Expertise and Qualification you gain inspires Career Success Having your qualification marks the beginning of your growth and prosperity. You qualify for positions that you previously were not eligible for and your career is ...
Spring into the new Season with Purpose

77% - Spring into Action and Study towards your Career Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.- Carl Friedrich Gauss The season challenges you to try something new and to challenge your excuses. The power to start something new is all in your hands. When you are ...
How Students can keep a Positive State of Mind for their Matric Results

77% - As we all know, a matric certificate affords students with more educational and career opportunities. This is a defining moment that affects the prospects of each student. This is a period where matriculants are highly stressed and handle the anxiety differently. According to the South African ...
The value of HR professionals in corporate organisations

77% - There will always be room for growth in this career path and opportunities will always be accessible as the functions expand. If you are looking for a career path you can study towards a Human Resources qualification and explore the multiple opportunities that are offered. About the author Khanyie ...
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