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Top Tips to choose a Prosperous Career Path

100% - Most times after we have obtained a matric qualification, we are pressured into choosing a qualification that has promising career possibilities. This can lead to us make an uninformed decisions that we think we want, only to later learn that we want to go a completely different route. It is never ...
The Ultimate gift for Fathers Day

96% - This article can help you discover your career path 10 Top Tips for Choosing a Career Path . Increase your Skill set Adding skills to your portfolio will always put you in a better position. It will help you qualify for promotions and better income. The work market is always looking for skilled ...
Creating Beautiful Surroundings with Interior Decorating

86% - This avenue will see you choosing the colours, furniture, soft furnishings, lighting and flooring for the homes, offices, hotels or restaurants of your clients. Or you could find employment at a dcor retail outlet where you will offer expert guidance to shoppers. Interested? Then read on for more ...
Getting Started In Marketing Management

85% - ... by targeting markets and promoting products and services to that market You may make decisions regarding products such as choosing labels or packaging You may work on developing new products You may work on pricing You may manage distribution channels such as shops and wholesalers You may make ...
A Passion for the Legal Profession

72% - By Nana Zuke Often when people think about pursuing law as a profession, they tend to assume that their only options would to be to become a lawyer or a judge. However, this is not the case. The law field compromises of various career options for a student passionate about law. Paralegal studies ...
Career Resources

66% - So how do you go about finding work? INTEC has a number of career resource tips to help you along the way. Click through on any of the links below to learn more: Writing a letter of application Preparing your C.V. The job interview At the same time, we suggest you try as many of the following ...
5 Undeniable Signs you might need a Career Change

63% - Are you wearing a career mask and would you ever consider a career change? Would you choose your passion over a paycheque? Joy over what frustrates you? Well, it is not too late to define new career goals and to pursue a path that brings you happiness. Ever been in a job where you feel like youre ...
Do I Have What it takes for a Career in Developmental Psychology?

63% - Looking for a career which combines your love of children with your interest in human nature? If so, then a career in developmental psychology may be worth examining. This fascinating avenue looks at which factors play a role in shaping our personalities from an early age. It allows you to work ...
Opportunities available to Women in the Paralegal field

62% - What is the role of a Paralegal? A paralegal is someone with legal knowledge who is trained to perform legal procedures. This person can work at a law enforcement organisation, government offices or be employed in corporate legal offices. They are not admitted as lawyers but they can assist ...
How to advance your Career and increase your Earning Potential

62% - When you dont realise the power you have to make your dreams a success and you are not enlightened about the opportunities accessible to you, you can become stagnant. You need to explore ways in which you can achieve success and start preparing for it. There are significant steps of action that ...
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