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The History and Significance of Heritage Day in South Africa

100% - When South Africa moved into the democratic dispensation, the Public Holidays Bill was presented to the Parliament of South Africa, but it did not have the 24 th of September as a proposed holiday. This was protested by the IFP and as a resul t a compromise was reached an d this day was awarded as ...
INTEC College ranked one of the Top 5 Coolest Colleges in South Africa

99% - The annual awards, now in its 12th year, attracted South Africas top business professionals and marketers and provided a platform to aknowledge successful brands in the country. Youth that participated in the survey ranged from both urban and peri-urban areas. In an interview with INTEC College ...
Travel and Tourism

99% - Join the biggest industry in the world! South Africa has become one of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world. Our countrys splendid beauty and unique cultures are attracting international visitors in growing numbers. South Africans are also discovering the pleasures of travelling ...
Getting Started In Tourism Management What Do I Need To Know?

97% - Tourism opportunities in South Africa are booming! International guests continue to flock to our coastlines and cities to experience a little local is lekker and the 2010 World Cup is certain to keep them coming well into the second decade of this millennium. If you have a love of travelling, ...
Engineering Studies

97% - General Studies Timetable N CERTIFICATE COURSES (PER DAY: JUNE/JUNIE 2015 N CERTIFICATE COURSES (ALPHABETIC) Engineering Studies Timetable ENGINEERING FIELD OF STUDY PER DAY ENGINEERING STUDIES TT ALPHABETIC Contact details of FET Colleges in South Africa: Click here to view INTEC Exam Centres: ...
Get Your Small Business off the Ground

97% - ... a good head for figures? Are you passionate about South Africa, local industry and development? Are you a hard worker who is able to see projects through to completion, even when times are tough? Small Business Management Where to study? One of the recommended South African institutions offering ...
Do I have what it takes to work in Radio Broadcasting?

97% - Does the idea of working in radio appeal to you? Do you dream of being a part of this exciting, immediate and fast-paced medium which reaches more people than any other in South Africa? Do you have a silky smooth voice and passion for popular culture and music? Well, a great way to enter the world ...
6 Celebrity Business Women to inspire you

97% - Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. Hillary Rodham Clinton The rise of successful business women in South Africa is inspiring to watch. Women are rising above the limitations and standards set by society and challenging the norms. This is incredible to watch as ...

97% - 1972 After surviving decades of turbulent history, including two world wars, ICS opens its Johannesburg branch. It soon continues its expansion with branches in Durban and Port Elizabeth. 1988 ICS changes ownership and alters its name to INTEC College. The College continues to grow in size and ...
INTEC College Receives Top Performing Award in the Education Sector

96% - Being recognised as one of the top performing companies affirms the place INTEC College has earned as one of the market leaders in Further Education and Training via distance learning in South Africa and beyond. INTEC College has been providing education and training since 1906, offering a wide ...
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INTEC Introduction to South African Law Short Programme Certificate

INTEC's Paralegal Short Course Certificates act as building blocks for expanding your knowledge and your employment prospects, one step at a time. This course introduces you to the basic concepts of law, its role in society and types of laws governing South African society. It focuses on the legal systems and constitution put in place to regulate the law. It exposes the learner to the concepts of public law, private law, international law and other spheres and sources of law.
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