What are the advantages of studying the INTEC way?

Home-study or distance learning is the most convenient way to gain a qualification or to achieve an additional skill or expertise. You increase your chances of promotion and make it possible to launch a new work or business opportunity.

With INTEC College:

  • You can discuss your study options with a Student Consultant, who will be able to give you all the relevant information and advice you need to make a considered study choice - before you enrol.
  • You have access to the services of a qualified Career Counsellor, absolutely free of charge, to explore and resolve any educational issues or difficulties before you commit to your studies.
  • You can start studying straight away. You don't have to wait for terms or semesters to begin - you have instant access to the knowledge and expertise you need!
  • You study when it suits you. Devise your own study schedule to suit your lifestyle and work commitments and then progress with your course at the pace that suits you best.
  • You can study where it suits you - at home, at work, or a library.
  • You can get telephonic or email support from your tutor and our Student Advisors, who will make sure that you get prompt feedback and assistance.
  • Your study material is authored by experts in the field and structured in an accessible and user-friendly way, ensuring that you get the most out of your studies!
  • You can choose from a number of easy payment options, making your educational investment affordable. Your course fee is all-inclusive, which means that all your study material - which may include textbooks and study aids - is included in the fee, as well as the postage and packaging of all assignments and test papers that are returned to you. Please see the relevant course page for any additional exam fees that may apply.
  • You are eligible for free advice and assistance with your course from the moment you enrol.
  • Depending on the course you have chosen, you have up to two years to complete your course. During this time, you will continue to receive support and service from your tutor and student advisor at no additional cost.
  • A plus for employers! Studying the INTEC way is an excellent approach to staff training. Staff learn at home, so taking time off work or attending expensive full-day sessions isn't a barrier to training and advancement. It's easy to monitor progress and see the benefits immediately! Employers are also able to claim from the Skills Levy for staff training needs.

How long will it take, to study the INTEC way?

Each course has a fixed study period. This information is available from the College or a Student Consultant. We recommend that you set aside 6 to 10 study hours per week to get the most out of your experience, but you can set the pace according to your needs.

Who looks after me once I've enrolled?

Your points of contact are:

  • The Student Services Department:
    Contact the Student Services Department for any enquiries about your study material.
  • Your tutor:
    Your tutor marks your assignments and provides you with guidance and advice.
  • Accounts:
    Contact Finance if you have any queries regarding your payments, or if a problem arises with making payments.

Who are INTEC's tutors?

INTECs tutors are contracted to tutor for us on a part-time basis. Some are full-time teachers or lecturers, while others are practicing professionals.

When I finish my course, what will I have to show for it?

With an INTEC Certificate or Diploma, you will have gained valuable knowledge or new skills, a sound training in your subject, or an improvement in your career potential. INTEC will, on request, issue you with a progress report as you complete each subject, valuable proof of your satisfactory progress. For some courses we prepare you for the exams of other education bodies, for example Professional Business Institutes. For these courses, you will receive your qualification from the institute.

Can I enrol for more than one course at a time?

Yes. There is up to 20% discount available if you enrol for more than one course simultaneously. Feel free to contact the College for a quote.

Is there a timetable for submitting assignments?

For most courses, you study at your own pace. For some examinable courses, timetables do apply.

Does INTEC give employment assistance?

We will, on request, supply you with a transcript of your academic record, showing the individual subjects you have studied in your course and the grades achieved. You needn't have completed your course to ask for this.

What postage costs do I have to pay?

You only have to pay the cost of mailing your work to the College. All postage charges on mail sent to you are paid by the College.

Do I have to sit for any examinations?

Each course has an assessment strategy. This means that your course has an acceptable form of assessment that suits that specific field of study. In many cases, it means that you write exams. In some cases, you complete a portfolio of evidence. Thus, the form of assessment differs from course to course. Please see the course pages on this website or the course specific brochure for more information, or call your Student Consultant.

Is INTEC an accredited provider?

INTEC College is committed to meeting legislative requirements regarding accreditation and registration of private education and training providers. We are provisionally accredited by Umalusi, and we have provisional registration with the Department of Education. No private FET provider currently has full accreditation with Umalusi. INTEC Colleges accreditation number is FET 00037 PA.

What extras do I need to buy to do an INTEC course?

There are no hidden costs. Your course fee covers all the tuition fees, study material, books and learning items you will need to pass your course. All you will have to buy is your own stationery usually A4 lined paper and a pen. Sometimes, we suggest additional reading or equipment, but you can decide whether or not to buy these items. Theyre not essential to pass your course.

Where you have to pay exam fees, it will be indicated in the brochure for that course. Certain programmes have examinations that are conducted by an external examining body, eg. ICB, IBS, CIS, PRISA. These examining bodies require payment for examinations. Students are required to contact the examining body directly to obtain costs for examinations.

What happens if I can't finish my course?

If, for some reason, you cannot finish your course in the allocated study period, you have the option of extending your study period by at least six months. This will allow you to complete your course. A course extension fee will apply. Please contact a Student Advisor for more details.

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