INTEC Full Programme Fundamentals of Programming

This array of introductory courses will teach you the fundamentals of the various programming languages.
Programme Type
The INTEC Full Programme: Fundamentals of Programming consists of four INTEC Career Starter programmes,
which are not accredited NQF qualifications. These programmes have been approved by the INTEC College
Academic Board.
Entrance Requirement
Learners must meet the minimum requirements of each of these courses.
Course Duration
You should be able to complete this course within 24 months.
Course Content
Introduction to Programming
  • Program Design
  • Pseudocode
  • Developing an Algorithm
  • Selection Control Structures
  • Repetition Control Structures
  • Pseudocode Algorithms Using Sequence, Selection
  • and Repetition
  • Array Processing
  • First Steps in Modularisation
  • General Algorithms for Common Business
  • Problems
  • Communication Between Modules, Cohesion and
  • Coupling
  • An Introduction to Object-oriented Design
  • Object-oriented Design for More Than One Class
  • Object-oriented Design for Multiple Classes
Introduction to Visual Basic .NET 2010
  • Creating a User Interface
  • Memory Locations and Calculations
  • Making Decisions in a Program
  • More on the Selection Structure
  • Repeating Program Instructions
  • More on the Repetition Structure
  • Sub and Function Procedures
  • Arrays
  • String Manipulation and Menus
  • Structures and Sequential Files
  • Access Databases and LINQ
  • Creating Web Applications
  • Creating Classes and Objects
Introduction to C# 2012 Programming
  • A first program using C#
  • Using data
  • Using GUI objects and the Visual Studio IDE
  • Making decisions
  • Looping
  • Using arrays
  • Using methods
  • Advanced method concepts
  • Using classes and objects
  • Introduction to inheritance
  • Exception handling
  • Using controls
  • Handling events
  • Files and streams
  • Using LINQ to access data in C# programs
Introduction to Java Programming
  • An Introduction to Java Programming Design
  • Creating a Java Application and Applet
  • Manipulating Data Using Methods
  • Decision Making and Repetition with Reusable
  • Objects
  • Arrays, Loops, and Layout Managers Using
  • External Classes
  • Creating Menus and Button Arrays Using the
  • Abstract Windows Toolkit
  • Swing Interfaces with Sorting and Searching
  • Writing Data to a Sequential Data File
  • Using Collections and Strings in a Reusable Class
  • Understanding Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Accessing Databases Using JDBC
  • Utilising Servlets for Web Applications
You are required to complete and submit thirteen assignments to the College for marking. All assignments
must be successfully passed in order to obtain the award.

All students are encouraged to work on all the assignments that are in the study guide. However, students are
required to submit compulsory assignments that are provided in the Study Programme. Only these compulsory
assignments will be marked and accounted for to be included in the final mark.
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive the following:
  • An INTEC Introduction to Programming Certificate
  • An INTEC Introduction to Visual Basic .NET 2010 Certificate
  • An INTEC Introduction to C# 2010 Programming Certificate
  • An INTEC Introduction to Java Programming Certificate
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