Service and Student Support

When you study at home, you need more than just excellent, uptodate study material. You also need expert homestudy methods and the outstanding tutorial support that we undertake to provide.

When you enrol with INTEC, you automatically have the support of our Student Services Department, which keeps track of your studies and sends you further study material as you progress with your course.

Our Student Advisors also act as liaisons between you and your tutors, forwarding your telephonic queries and questions to them. Our expert tutors will give you feedback on your assignments and answer any of your course-related questions timeously.

Tape aids

If you haven't studied before because you have difficulty in working with printed material, the solution is to use recorded material instead.

Tape Aids for the Blind will accommodate you by transferring printed material onto audio-cassette. Contact Navi Chetty at the Education Desk of Tape Aids for the Blind in Durban, on (031) 309 4800.

Counselling service

INTEC's counselling service provides educational counselling, career assessment and career counselling by telephone and e-mail free of charge!

Read through our web site for information and guidance specifically geared towards distance learning. If you need career guidance after you have completed your studies with INTEC College, you are welcome to contact our Student Services Call Centre for referral to a Career Counsellor, who will assist you with career resources, for example job searching skills, CV writing and interviewing skills.

Learners with disabilities

We at INTEC College would like to offer all our students the best possible service. For this reason, we encourage you to indicate on your enrolment form if you have a disability and require a particular kind of support during your studies and examinations. You can contact the Student Services Call Centre for more information on what kind of assistance is available.

The Student Services Call Centre number is 0860 31 31 31

Submitting assignments

Assignments can be submitted to the College via e-mail to assignments@intec.edu.za or via post to P.O. Box 19, Cape Town, 8000. Faxed assignments are not accepted.

Technology and Tuition

INTEC virtual campus

As a registered student, youll be able to access the virtual campus at www.virtual.intec.edu.za and:

  • Change your contact details
  • View your assessment history/progress
  • Add a tutorial query
  • View your account information

To find out more about the ways that youll be able to use the Internet to enhance your learning experience while studying with us, phone an INTEC Student Consultant on 0800 012 311 today or email inteconline@intec.edu.za.


If you have a cellphone, we SMS you free of charge when:

  • your registration has been processed;
  • your material has been sent to you;
  • your assignment has been marked (we send you your mark); or
  • your contact details have been changed on our system.

So, remember to give us your cellphone number when you register and ask for the SMS option to be enabled while you study with us.

Remember that these facilities are in addition to our excellent service and support available through mail, phone and e-mail. The SMS features come at no extra cost. You have the freedom to interact with us using the method that suits you best.

How Studying the INTEC Way Works for You


Once you have added your chosen course of study to your Favourites box, make sure the checkbox next to it is selected and click on the link that says "Enrol Now!". Then follow the instructions on the screen and complete the information requested by the onine enrolment form provided. It is a multi-page enrolment form, so you'll only be asked a few questions per page.

First material

Once your application for enrolment has been approved, youll receive your first batch of study material.

Study timetable

Before you commence your studies, we advise you to draw up a study timetable, realistically deciding when and for how long you can study each day. If you are struggling with this, ask our Student Services Department for help.


When youre satisfied that youve mastered a section of work, put your notes aside and answer the assignment questions. Then send the completed assignment to INTEC College for your tutor to assess.


If you have difficulty understanding a section, phone the Student Services Department and ask for a tutor to call you back, or e-mail you.

Marked assignments

When you receive your marked assignment back from your tutor, carefully examine the comments that he or she has made and implement it for your next assignment or your examination.

Answers to your questions

Your tutor will assist you telephonically, guiding you on how to deal with problems and referring you to sections of your study material that will help you to find the solution. All you need to do is contact the Student Services Department and request assistance from a tutor.

Further work

As you progress with your studies, youll be sent more work at your request, ensuring that you always have sufficient study material with which to continue. 


If you have enrolled for an examinable course, ensure that you obtain all the relevant information from our website. Ensure that you have made provision for your examination preparation in your study timetable.

Certificates and Diplomas

When you successfully complete one of INTEC's programmes, you are awarded an INTEC Certificate or Diploma. If you study a course that requires you to write external examinations, youll receive the award from the external body.


Once you have passed your last assignment, we suggest that you contact INTEC to request your Certificate or Diploma as this will speed up the process of receiving your award.

Summary of turnaround times

Study material: The college will dispatch all study material that a student is entitled to within 21 working days of the date of registration (the date on which a student signs an enrolment contract with the college). Please note that students who pay in instalments are usually not eligible to receive all their study material upfront, but will receive the material in batches throughout their studies.

Exam eligibility letters: Exam eligibility letters will be sent to students at least 2 months before the start of an exam session.

Exam confirmation letters: Exam confirmation letters will be sent to students at least 4 weeks before the start of an exam session. Exam eligibility letters will only be sent via e-mail, and will not be posted or faxed. All students must ensure that they access their college e-mail address regularly.

Release of exam results: Exam results will be released within 10 weeks of the end of the exam session. Exam results will not be released to students whose accounts are in arrears.

Cancellation requests: Cancellation requests will be processed within 4 weeks of receipt of the request.

Payment of student refunds - cancellations: Refunds related to cancellations will be paid within 90 days of the approval of the cancellation.

Payment of student refunds non-cancellations: Refunds not related to cancellations will be paid within 4 weeks of the approval of the refund.

Awards: Awards for examinable courses will be issued within 8 weeks of the release of exam results. Awards for non-examinable courses will be issued within 8 weeks of passing the final assignment. Awards will not be released to students whose accounts are in arrears.

Assignment results: Assignment results will be released via SMS within 22 working days of receipt of assignment.

Assignment returns: Marked assignments will returned to students within 25 working days of receipt of assignment.

Dial-a-tutor queries: Students will be contacted by a tutor within 3 working days of the receipt of a query.

Course transfer requests: All requests for course transfers will be processed within 4 weeks of receipt of the request to transfer.

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